Watch out for those Sugarplums!

holiday treats

Watch out for those Sugarplums!

There’s a pretty good chance that your kids aren’t dreaming about Toothpaste and Floss this holiday season . . . it’s those darn Sugar Plums dancing in their heads! Those sweet treats are hard to resist, but there are actually ways to keep your kids dental health on the nice list!

The reason sugar is bad for your teeth and gums is because natural oral bacteria feed on sugar and the byproduct created is acid. This acid can eat away at tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Having your children brush after a sugary snack would be ideal, though not always possible or convenient. If they can’t brush, have them swish their mouth out with water, or even chew some sugarless gum to create saliva to rinse their teeth.

We know that at this time of year it may be especially difficult to limit their treats, BUT you can lead them to healthier desserts! Hard and chewy candy is worse for your teeth than a cookie or piece of cake. Try to lay off the soda and juice as well. You can also try to make it fun by getting them a holiday toothbrush and colored floss, possibly one that they can carry in their backpack. This may make them a bit more excited to keep up the good dental practices.

And if the timing is right, schedule their dentist visit around the time they are off from school. That way we can catch any issues before they become problems.

Happy Holidays!

(source: Colgate)

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