Bonding procedures repair teeth to enhance your smile

Bonding is a quick, painless in-office procedure, to repair cracks, chips, and gaps between teeth or cover stained teeth to enhance your smile.

Bonding can often be done without anesthesia if there is no decay or pulp exposure. The bonding material is developed in many shades allowing the dentist to accurately match the shade of your natural teeth. The composite resin forms a durable, stain resistant surface that is later smoothed and polished to give it a natural appearance and feel.

tooth broken needing Teeth bonding services


can be used to:

Protect exposed roots of teeth

Repair cracks, unevenness, chips

Close spaces between your front teeth

Reshape crooked or misshapen teeth

Replace old or unattractive silver fillings

Whiten stained teeth

Replace missing teeth

Stabilize loose teeth

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