Reduce TMJ Pain on Your Own

man with TMJ pain

If you have been struggling with the long-term joint and jaw pain, it might be time for you to visit us at C & C Dentistry. Temporomandibular joint syndrome or TMJ is pain in the joint of your jaw that is caused by a variety of medical issues. Symptoms of TMJ pain include pain or tenderness of the jaw, pain in the temporomandibular joints, pain around your ear, difficulty chewing, aching on the face, or locking of the jaw. If there is no pain or limitation of movement of the jaw, you are most likely not affected by TMJ pain.

TMJ problems can be resolved on their own but sometimes they require a visit to your neuromuscular dentist. If it’s going to be a while before you can see a dentist, you can safely treat your TMJ pain on your own until your visit. Make sure to care for your TMJ pain with these simple therapies.

  1. Use ice packs to reduce inflammation and numb pain.
  2. Limit the use of hard, crunchy foods. Replace with a soft diet.
  3. Refrain from sleeping on the side of your face with the pain. Avoid applying pressure on the pain, in general.
  4. Use a heat pack or a warm, moist towel to reduce pain.
  5. Avoid chewing gum, jaw clenching, and grasping your cell phone with your jaw.

Seek medical attention if the TMJ is persistent or if you’re facing difficulty with opening and closing your jaw. At C & C Dentistry, we will make sure to discuss the causes and treatments of your TMJ pain. If you think you may be suffering with TMJ pain, please call 512.263.8900 or visit our website at

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