So Many Toothpastes, So Little Time!

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With all the commercials, branding and aisles full of different toothpastes at your local drug store, how do you know which is the right one to use?

With Whitening agents? With Tarter Control? With Baking Soda? With Mouth Wash?

Some people make their preference from the choices above. Others by price. And others by what is on sale at the time. So which one is right for you?

All toothpastes when used correctly will clean your teeth and protect against decay. And of course you want your teeth looking healthy and your breath smelling fresh.

Talk to your dentist and discuss what is best for you. Here is a list of the different types of toothpaste and what they do*:

  • Tartar controlled toothpastes: these help to prevent any further buildup of tartar but cannot reach the tartar which collects below your gum line. However some companies are looking to produce toothpaste which fights gum disease.
  • Baking soda toothpastes: there are toothpastes which are made from baking soda which people prefer the taste of compared to the mint flavored varieties.
  • Smoker’s toothpastes: these are specially designed to remove nicotine and tar stains on teeth caused by smoking.
  • Sensitive teeth toothpastes: some people have sensitive teeth which mean that they experience a painful reaction when they eat hot or cold foods. This is usually caused by receding gums (gum disease) or an exposed tooth root. This requires further investigation by your dentist who will recommend that you switch to ‘low abrasion’ toothpaste, specially designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Tooth whitening toothpastes: these vary in strength and results. Some brands of this type of toothpaste are too harsh and may damage your teeth so ask your dentist’s advice before using them.
  • Children’s toothpastes: these are fairly similar to the adult versions the only difference being that they will contain a smaller amount of fluoride.  Whatever your choice, just remember to brush at least twice a day and see your dentist regularly!
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