Do You Salivate Too Much?

woman drinking water from a fountain - Salivate Too Much

Saliva plays an important part in our oral health, which includes washing food particles from your teeth and helping to break down food for easier digestion. Due to some trigger issues, we could experience excess amounts of saliva being produced due to side effects of other issues. At first you might not think that extra saliva is a problem but it could affect the way you talk, eat, and sleep. Talk to your doctor if you feel as if you’re producing more saliva than normal. This is could be the consequence of something more serious.

Hypersalivation is the act of excessively producing saliva. If you drool, if you have an inability to keep your mouth closed for a long portion of time, or if you have difficulty swallowing the extra saliva, you may be dealing with Hypersalivation. This is caused by a high number of other things including pregnancy, oral inflammation, infection, acid reflux, and neuromuscular disease.

Once you speak to your dental hygienist or doctor about hypersalivation, you can start to deal with it and look for ways to take care of the problem. Start by addressing the underlying issue, whatever it might be. If you’re still experiencing the issue, switch mouthwash brands or decrease your consumption of citrus fruits and alcohol. Another solution would be to drink more water throughout the day. This could thin out your saliva so that it’s swallowed more easily. Finally, if you’re taking prescribed drugs, you may be experiencing a side effect of that product. You may need to consult with your doctor about switching to a different brand of medicine.

If you feel like your hypersalivation might be linked to neuromuscular disease, give us a call at C&C Dentistry. We will take the time to consult with your oral health issues and help to find a solution to the problem.

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